[Cartoweb-users] Regarding PGDIJKSTRA installation

Sylvain Pasche sylvain.pasche at camptocamp.com
Thu Jun 29 14:12:05 EDT 2006

Le jeudi 29 juin 2006 à 09:51 -0700, Hassan a écrit :
> Yeah it is getting old. Well I have boost 1.33.1 installed. What version of boost is pgdijkstra suppose to work with? Is there a way to test if boost is properly installed. I tried executing the dijstra.sql, and the system complained saying that it could not access "$libdir/dijkstra: No such file of directory".

The version we are using now is boost 1.32, so maybe 1.33 is too
recent :/

For the "$libdir/dijkstra: No such file of directory", maybe that's
because the dijkstra.so file is not at the correct place.

Did you do "make install", and is the dijkstra.so file appearing in your
postgresql lib directory?
On my system, postgres is installed in /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1, so
dijkstra.so appears in /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/lib/dijkstra.so

> PS. Apologies on the reply....Just hit reply without checking.

This mailing list is broken: it does not set the reply-to header
correctly :(


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