[Cartoweb-users] Problem with zooming and outlining

Kenton Williams Kenton_Williams at umit.maine.edu
Tue May 2 15:06:07 EDT 2006


My Cartoweb project has developed a problem and I am unsure of which file to check to fix it.  Here's the link:


The zoom in works fine.  The zoom out does not actually zoom out - it zooms in by a fixed amount.  Also, when the zoom out operation completes (incorrectly), the zoom in tool is set as the active tool rather than the zoom out tool staying active. 
When you make an outline (I only have the rectangle outline tool present), you draw the box, enter your title, and the map changes extent drastically.  No outline is created.

I added back extent and forward extent buttons using code similar to that suggested a few days ago on the cartoweb user mailing list, simply by adding the two images with associated javascript back or forward.  When you use these buttons, rather
than going back or forward, it just zooms in further.

The demoCW3 project on the same server is working just fine, although using the back and forward buttons on the browser only zooms in just like my project.  The regular zoom in and out tools work fine in the demoCW3 project on my server.  Can anyone
suggest what I can check to solve my problem?

Kenton W.

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