[Cartoweb-users] PHP 5 conflicts with Cartoweb?

R WARRINER vze1zlqg at verizon.net
Mon May 8 18:23:26 EDT 2006

Hello Kenton,

I don't have much insight, but

I am running Mapserver 4.3.8, php-5.0.3, and gd-2.0.33 without any problems.

Mapserver config:

phpinfo() for GD
GD Support 	         enabled
GD Version 	         bundled (2.0.28 compatible)
FreeType Support 	   enabled
FreeType Linkage 	   with freetype
FreeType Version 	   2.1.7
GIF Read Support 	   enabled
GIF Create Support   enabled
JPG Support 	   enabled
PNG Support 	   enabled
WBMP Support 	   enabled
XPM Support 	   enabled
XBM Support 	   enabled

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I am still trying to resolve the conflict I have that prevents me from using
an outputformat other than a 256 color PNG in my Cartoweb project.  I was
recently reading PHP/Mapscript documentation when I noticed that PHP5
support is (or was) in
development stages.  I checked with my server admininstrator, who informed
me that he had installed PHP5 on our server.  Could the problems I have had
with map output color depth limitation be related to the use of PHP5 instead
of PHP4.x.x?

Kenton W.

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