[Cartoweb-users] embedding Cartoweb project into web page

oliver oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed May 10 08:46:15 EDT 2006

Hi Kenton,
the quickest way (not necessarily the best) is to use an iframe.

exemple there: http://www.lausanne.ch/plan

we still have the project to make a Joomla module someday (though probably 
sooner than later as there are more and more request for that) but nothing 
as been done at the moment.

if you want to truely merge cartoweb withing an existing 
application/cms/whatever, it is not so easy as Cartoweb was not really 
designed for this initially. I know this was done recently for a project but 
the developper is currently in vacation. I suppose they modified the 
FormRenderer.php with the main smarty templates callsm, though this will 
need confirmation.


> Hello,
> I was wondering what the best method is to embed my Cartoweb project into 
> an existing web page.  I have designed the existing web page with the 
> right amount of space for my Cartoweb project, but I just wanted to know 
> what methods others have been
> successful with.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
> Kenton W.
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