[Cartoweb-users] Looking for single-destination (shortest path) program

Fay Du fay.du at versaterm.com
Thu May 11 15:57:52 EDT 2006

Hi everyone:
   I am trying to use pgDijkstra in my project. pgDijkstra calls boost
library which provides single-source shortest function. My network is a
street network. The graph is directed. My typical scenario is, there is
one client calls dispatch center and there are many cars (for example,
100 cars) are available all over the network. I want to find the closet
car and dispatch it to the client. It is a single-destination problem.
Does anyone know if there is an existing single-destination program
exists available for my project? Or the explanation of the
single-destination algorithm?
   I know I can call pgDijkstra multiple times to get the answer. The
performance of the solution is not good. Our goal is to calculate
shortest paths of 100 cars to the same destination in less than a
second. Calling pgDijkstra 100 times takes much, much more time than our
Many, many thanks.
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