[Cartoweb-users] Web Map Context and Cartoweb

Mathieu Coudert m.coudert at oieau.fr
Tue May 23 04:28:57 EDT 2006

Hi list,


I would like to load a context in Cartoweb using the loadMapContext

As it's possible to load a context with mapserver: Map Context Support
Through CGI ( <http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/docs/howto/mapcontext>


The aim is to generate a map file using my context file (mycontext.xml).
Then, the map file could be read by cartoweb as a common map file.

I know the function to convert my context in map file but the problem is: 

- Do I need to write a new plugin to generate my map file? 

- Can I use an existing plugin and which files do I need to modify?


Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.





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