[Cartoweb-users] Oracle 9i Problem

Max Ueda mhanzo at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 13:53:28 EST 2006


I'm developing a Cartoweb Application that has to
access an Oracle (9i) Database, and although I had
configured everything as the Oracle (installed the
OCI10 Instant Client, as it is described here:
and PEAR documents say, it is returning the following

Class : CartocommonException
Message : Error [2, dl() [function.dl]: Unable to load
dynamic library 'c:/wamp/php/ext/php_oci8.dll' -
N�o foi poss�vel encontrar o
procedimento especificado.
, C:\php5\PEAR\PEAR.php, 753]

At the phpinfo() page, it says that the OCI Support is
enable, thus, I thought that the php_oci8.dll has no
problems at all, nor I have no problems by configuring
the paths and environment variables (I'm using WinXP).

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance,

Max H. Ueda

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