[Cartoweb-users] Hi

Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Wed Oct 4 03:26:40 EDT 2006

Le Mercredi 4 Octobre 2006 07:01, Patricio Sanchez a écrit :
> My name is Patricio Sánchez Alvial. I'm from Concepción,Chile. First of
> all. Thanks to the Cartoweb Developers. It's a very flexible platform to
> develop GIS apps.
> I have a question. If you don't understand, please try to correct me
> because my english is not good. When I use the hand to Pan, I would like
> that the map updates when I move It, but I don't know how to do that. Is
> there a parameter in a config file to set or I have to edit the plugin?.
> When I tried ka-map I can do that, like Google Maps. If that exist, Can you
> show me an example please?
> With regards.
> Patricio Sánchez Alvial

Hello Patricio,

Welcome to the cartoweb list ! I am agree with you, CW3 is a really good 
tools !

Unfortunately, what you want is not yet developed in cartoweb. Or I missed 
it ;-)



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