[Cartoweb-users] cartoweb for linux

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Sep 4 02:58:31 EDT 2006

concerning proj on windows, i seem to recall there is a problem with the 
path, as its fixed by default to some predefined value and nothing will work 
beside that.

the manual installation instructions for windows can be found there
proj compiled for windows there

If you already tried that, please ignore this message


> As i can't make proj4 work with cartoweb for windows (on 3 different 
> station),
> i'd like to install a version for linux to make tests.
> I was told that cartoweb was packaged for Debian sarge :
> But on cartoweb download site, i don't find anything else that source 
> archive ?
> As i've already a Kunbuntu installed, and they are package of mapserver 
> for Unbuntu,
> is there any interest to replace my Kunbuntu with a debian sarge ?
> Must i recompile cartoweb to make it work ?
> Thanks.
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