[Cartoweb-users] crash of IE

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Sep 4 03:29:56 EDT 2006

seems one dont even need to right-clic to cause this, several hit on the 
escape key will be enough to have IE go in some infinite loop (I succeded 
having IE use 1.5Gb of memory before killing the process ^_^), probably 
caused by the event listener on the esc key. We will investigate this.

Changing the behaviour of the zoom tool is certainly possible, but i doubt 
we can allocate time for this in the near futur.


> Hi all,
> in my system if I select the zoom-in icon then I try to select the area to
> be zoomed, when I'm still pushing the right button on the mouse and in the
> same time I push three or four times the escape button quickly, the 
> Internet
> explorer chrashes. This behaviour was discoverd by a user of mine who is
> used to work with autocad, during the selection of the area to be zoomed 
> he
> wants to delete the selection of the first corner ( in autocad the 
> selection
> is got by clicking on a corner then release the button , selecting the the
> area and clicking another time the right button, while we push, draw the
> pointer and release it).
> I've repeated the same operation with the demo project: same results. Even
> if the solution consists on using the right sequence, the chrash is
> something weird and tedious ( I've stopped the crazy IE by taskmanager !).
> I'm using Cartoweb 3.2 in Windows XP .
> Is there any idea ?
> I apologize, it's not polite, but should it be possible to change the
> selection way of area in a autocad way ?
>  thanks and best regards.
> giu
> PS: final user is always better then the best beta tester :-((
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