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Hi Eleftherios,

Cartoweb display the data via standart html pages and add several DHTML (javascript+html DOM manipulation) tools for navigation and other features (query, outline, edition ,measurment ,...). No plugin (flash, java, ..) are required on the user browser, though only last generation of browsers are fully supported (FF, Mozilla, IE6, Safari). IE5 and Opera works too but some feature may be unavailable.
Cartoweb use a template engine (Smarty) for easy customisation and maintenance of the page layout. The template are basically html page with some specials tag for data inclusion. You only need to know html and the basis of smarty tags, its something anybody can do.

Concerning WMS, Metadata from GetCapabilities are also available to end user with WmsBrowser Plugin GUI. Nota, no metadata from external source location are retrieved.

Im not sure I understand correctly your last question. The GUI look is done via the template, and the GUI content (tools) can be modified via config files. Any tools can be activated/deactivated easily, you dont need to know php for this. But if you want to add specials functionnalities that are not included in the current release of Cartoweb, you will have to code in php.

I hope this help you

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  I am a cartographer in a MA degree course (University of the Aegean, Lesvos Greece) in Cultural Informatics where I am to write a paper for comparison of various WMS products, one of them CartoWeb.

  Could you please clarify for me some points which in the specs. pdf I could not locate:

    1.. What is the method used for presenting the GIS data? A flash component, a java applet, or what? Is it embedded in a html doc that can be designed by us and then uploaded on the web server? 
    2.. Are metadata delivered to the end – user? 
    3.. The GUI of the webpage containing the maps is constructed uniquely by programming? 

  Thank you in advance,


  Eleftherios Tsouris

  Cultural Heritage Management Laboratory

  University of the Aegean, Lesvos Greece



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