[Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb & OGC & GeoNetwork / Catalog, ogcLayerLoader, wmsBrowserLight, wmsTimeMovie, sldEditor

François Prunayre fx.prunayre at oieau.fr
Fri Sep 29 12:24:51 EDT 2006

Dear all, 
5 new plugins in order to add some OGC capabilities to Cartoweb (Metadata
catalog query, SldEditor, WMS Time client).
Demo website using the demoPlugins of cartoweb :
gins.php> http://dev.sandre.eaufrance.fr/geoviewer2 
Look at the "search" tab to search geographical names using geonames
webservice ( <http://geonames.org> http://geonames.org).
Look at the "WMS Browser" tab to add WMS layers or Query GeoNetwork nodes to
load wms layers.
2 plugins in beta version :
- wmsTimeMovie : query WMS (Time Support) and ask for images.  Then you
could play the movie.  Current limitation : WMS  server must be able to
provide images ini the projection of the cartoweb project.  (Example,  you
could use the meteorological station in France)  Do you know any WMS-T url
for tests ?  
- sldEditor : allows to edit or create SLD for all WMS, Example,  change
color of the Geosignal highways , etc ... Support : point, line, polygon
style  /  partial support for label / no support for Raster  and  rules
 Doc is available here :
 Download plugins here : 
Comments, ideas, bugs ?
Francois & Mathieu

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