[Cartoweb-users] strange interaction between two plugins

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Sun Apr 8 17:24:29 EDT 2007

I wrote a new plugin which performs a complex query into a database. After
displaying the results in a TxtBox, if I click on a result I get a
recentering into the map.The plugin works fine, let's call it PlgIn_1
Then I wrote another plugin which does a similar but non equal job, let's
call it PlgIn_2.

Each plugIn is controlled in a different folder which display some text
fields, the buttons to send the query and a button which resets the results,
and they display the results in a text box.

This second one works fine too, but there is a problem:
If I use the PlgIn_2 and then the PlgIn_1, all seems to be ok, but after
using the PlgIn_1,
I can't perform another research by using the the PlgIn_2.The buttons seem
to be frozen, anf if I try to click on the results, I get no recentering,
even if the event is performed.
Now, if I reset the results in the PlgIn_1, then I can use the second plugIn
as well. 
It seems that the session of the first plugin freezes the second one but not
The srtucture of both is the same, Both PlgIn_1 and PlgIn_2 are sessionable.
I'm using the Cartoweb 3.2 version. The other plugins work fine.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

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