[Cartoweb-users] Plugin locate - How do I get a colored result + table resul

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Wed Apr 11 05:37:47 EDT 2007

the numbering in the symbol file start at 0 not 1, if you pasted the cross 
symbol at the very beginning of the file, its ID will be 0, so you need 
crosshairSymbol = 0



So the crosshair thingy is still not working, unfortunately. To be
more explicit (surely it will help) :

1) In my location.ini (client side), I got :
; if true, shows recenter on (x,y) form
recenterActive = true

crosshairSymbol = 1
crosshairSymbolSize = 10
crosshairSymbolColor = 255,0,0

2) In my location.ini (server side), I got :

; recentering parameters

; margin to add arount the centerded object. Expressed in percent
of the
; width/height of the object centered on
recenterMargin = 30

; scale to use when the object centered on is a single point
recenterDefaultScale = 10000

3) In my map file (server side), I got
  SYMBOLSET "symbols.txt"

4) In my symbols.txt (server side), I added the symbol cross (as
given in a previous answer) as the first symbol in the enumeration.

Basically, I got my outline plugin working fine, I enven got some
refMark showing.

I got no location plugin in the coreplugin or the plugin files
playing a wild game with the predefined general parameters so I am
still completely lost.

Thanks for helping


PS by the way, for the locate plugin, I declare an
"id_attribute_string" "XXX|string" but what happen if XXX is not a
string but a date ? For the moment, by letting everything as before
(except the XXX), I got an error on the recenter ID : "*Recenter Id
canceled, unable to find selected Id."

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> Concerning the crosshair symbol, the documentation speak about a
> file. The only one I got is the symbol.txt from one of the demo.
Is it the
> same file ?

most probably
verify that this file is referenced in the mapfile as SYMBOLSET
and also verify it contain a cross symbol
if not, copy this:
  NAME "cross"
  TYPE vector
    2 0
    2 4
    -99 -99
    0 2
    4 2

> I got the outline plugin working fine so my lyaer outline_point
is present
> in the map file.
> As for the recenterDefaultScale, I will try.
> Thanks again
> Véronique

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