[Cartoweb-users] Help: timeout_async _toolTips

MUTOTA s9911197 at students.polytechnic.edu.na
Thu Apr 26 07:25:44 EDT 2007

Hi Lists!

I am working on tooTips timeout_async _toolTips, 

All my clent .php files seemed not to communicate with the  toolTips.ini file
What I can see on my map is only the label instead to viewing some other
information.For my case in I need, let say names or info for accommodations.

my toolTipsi.ini is like this:

;for Accomodations
timeout_async.accomo.label = "Accomadation in Namibia"
timeout_async.accomo.dsn = "pgsql://postgres:oracle@localhost:5432/Trumpet"
timeout_async.accomo.dbTableName = accomodation
timeout_async.accomo.attributes  = "name,info"
timeout_async.accomo.tolerance   = 6
timeout_async.accomo.template = "layerResult.tpl"

and portion of my AccomodationLayers.php:

class AccomodationLayers extends ByXyQueryableLayer {

    public function __construct() {


     * Sets the type of ResultLayer returned by ResultLayer::queryLayer()
     * @see QueryableLayer::newLayerResult()
    protected function newLayerResult() {
        return new AccomodLayerResult();

class AccomodLayerResult extends LayerResult {

     * @see LayerResult::renderResult()
    public function renderResult($smarty) {
        $smarty->assign('layerId', $this->getId());
        $smarty->assign('layerLabel', Encoder::encode($this->getLabel(),
        $smarty->assign('accomodName', $this->getAttribute('name'));
        $smarty->assign('accomodInfo', $this->getAttribute('info'));
        $smarty->assign('accomodType', $this->getAttribute('type'));
        $smarty->assign('AccomodGid', $this->getAttribute('gid'));
        // $smarty->assign('depChefLieu',
        return $smarty->fetch('layerResult.tpl');



OUT OF THIS, I CAN ONLY SEE THE label 'Accomadation in Namibia' ON MAP.

Any one with help please?

thanx in advance

Best regards,
Andreas Mtota

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