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Véro Herzl - Bluewin veroh at bluewin.ch
Sat Apr 28 08:54:38 EDT 2007


Did you also add the new layer you created in the .map file in the 

Here is the exemple for one of my layer there

mapInfo.initialMapStates.default.layers.couverture_du_sol.selected = true

If you don't specify them there also,  I think it does not work.

However, I am just using the program and I am not a developper or 
anything like that so this could be a stupid remark.

Anyway, say if it was done in your case


giuseppe.derossi at email.it a écrit :
> Hi Veronique,
> in my last test I put my data in democw3, I changed the .map and layer.ini
> and performed some little changes too. I've "compiled" the project, then if
> I select all the items in the query folder such as Union, Attributes and so
> on, after selecting the area where there is a sensible point, I get only the
> name "Query" under the map but no other result has been shown. In democw3,
> the cartoclient.tpl should be ok, infact if I use it with original data the
> query plug in works fine. 
> I've compared the .dbf files in both situation and they are similar.... 
> What is strange to me is that if I put a wrong name as columns of data to be
> returned in metadata, no error is returned.
> what about ?
> thanks in advance and best regards
> Giu
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>> Hi,
>> Just a question, did you change your cartoclient.tpl (the template file 
>> which is in the directory template of the project).
>> If not, maybe you should add the fact that a table_result should appear 
>> somewhere on your webpage.
>> It should be something like that :
>>             {if $selection_result|default:''}
>>                 {$selection_result}
>>             {/if}
>>             {if $query_result|default:''}
>>                 {$query_result}
>>             {/if}
>>             {if $tables_result|default:''}
>>                 <div id="tables_result">
>>                 {$tables_result}
>>                 </div>
>>             {/if}
>> Look in the cartoclient.tpl of the different projects like domePlugins 
>> to see other example of the cartoclient.tpl
>> Be careful that if you have ajax on or no, then the stuff you got to put 
>> in the cartoclient.tpl for the table result is not the same. The example 
>> upper is if you DON'T have ajax on.
>> On the contrary, if you got ajax on, then it is different (sorry but I 
>> don't got the project with ajax right here, but if you did download the 
>> demoCW3 with cvs, then you should got the template with ajax I guess.
>> Well, if this helps, good. If not, maybe a bit more information ?
>> Anyway as they always said at some point in the mail on this forum, 
>> don't forget to run the cw3setup.php. including with the --clean option.
>> Véronique
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