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giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Sat Apr 28 08:43:30 EDT 2007

Hi Veronique,
in my last test I put my data in democw3, I changed the .map and layer.ini
and performed some little changes too. I've "compiled" the project, then if
I select all the items in the query folder such as Union, Attributes and so
on, after selecting the area where there is a sensible point, I get only the
name "Query" under the map but no other result has been shown. In democw3,
the cartoclient.tpl should be ok, infact if I use it with original data the
query plug in works fine. 
I've compared the .dbf files in both situation and they are similar.... 
What is strange to me is that if I put a wrong name as columns of data to be
returned in metadata, no error is returned.
what about ?
thanks in advance and best regards

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> Hi,
> Just a question, did you change your cartoclient.tpl (the template file 
> which is in the directory template of the project).
> If not, maybe you should add the fact that a table_result should appear 
> somewhere on your webpage.
> It should be something like that :
>             {if $selection_result|default:''}
>                 {$selection_result}
>             {/if}
>             {if $query_result|default:''}
>                 {$query_result}
>             {/if}
>             {if $tables_result|default:''}
>                 <div id="tables_result">
>                 {$tables_result}
>                 </div>
>             {/if}
> Look in the cartoclient.tpl of the different projects like domePlugins 
> to see other example of the cartoclient.tpl
> Be careful that if you have ajax on or no, then the stuff you got to put 
> in the cartoclient.tpl for the table result is not the same. The example 
> upper is if you DON'T have ajax on.
> On the contrary, if you got ajax on, then it is different (sorry but I 
> don't got the project with ajax right here, but if you did download the 
> demoCW3 with cvs, then you should got the template with ajax I guess.
> Well, if this helps, good. If not, maybe a bit more information ?
> Anyway as they always said at some point in the mail on this forum, 
> don't forget to run the cw3setup.php. including with the --clean option.
> Véronique
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