[Cartoweb-users] help: routing files

MUTOTA s9911197 at students.polytechnic.edu.na
Mon Apr 30 14:19:16 EDT 2007

Hi Lsts!

I have installed the all tables requered for routing functionilties.
My table are empty. I read the talking about this:
shape files have to be load ed to the databse.

How do I get the paricular files?
e.g files such as:
   Create tables used by the locate plugin to allow you to do a recenter on
features by searching their names.  To do so, you should export the free
downloadable layers airport, agglo, district and town in PostgreSQL/PostGIS
tables by typing the following command:
               NB:   extracked from 

$ shp2pgsql -I aerofacp.shp airport > /tmp/airport.sql
$ psql -d demo_plugins -f /tmp/airport.sql

$ shp2pgsql -I builtupa.shp agglo > /tmp/agglo.sql
$ psql -d demo_plugins -f /tmp/agglo.sql

$ shp2pgsql -I polbnda.shp district > /tmp/district.sql
$ psql -d demo_plugins -f /tmp/district.sql

$ shp2pgsql -I mispopp.shp town > /tmp/town.sql
$ psql -d demo_plugins -f /tmp/town.sql

thank you very mcuh in advance

Best regards,
Andreas m

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