[Cartoweb-users] exportPdf crashes

wochter wochter at seznam.cz
Mon Dec 3 05:50:10 EST 2007

I've got problem with exportPdf.
The Export takes about 1,5 - 2 minutes when raster (ortho) is printed.
Without raster it takes cca 30 seconds.
(ortho rasters are optimized.
  There are GIF tiles (256 colors) 2500x2850 pixels each one.
  Size of the biggest tile is 6,2 MB)
Is it OK?

Sometimes I obtain this issue:
FPDF error: GIF parser: unable to open file
But only sometimes :-(
Then I must restart apache and exportPdf works again.
I can make 10-12 good exports to pdf and then cartoweb again shoot issue
FPDF error :-(

realy exists.

It crashes on exportPdf with print resolution 96 dpi and 150 dpi too.

There is 2 GB of RAM in the server and 2 procesors (server works fine)
System is linux-debian, php5

Have I something wrong in php.ini?
Could you help me please?

Thank you


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