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well, you should already have the layer id before triggering the query.
if the layers has not been specified, then the query is done on a loop on all layers I believe.

ClientQuery generate the request object and set the list of layers to query. ServerQuery receive the list and do a foreach on it and call ServerMapquery on all layers.

The result for all queries is then formated via the ServerTable plugin, and one table object is generated for all query ($table->tableId = $layerId;)
The tables object are then returned to client side via $queryResult->tableGroup->tables

So practicaly, on the client side, get the tableGroup object and loop on its tables and get the table id, you will know which layer returned something.
(though I do believe even empty result table are returned so I suppose you also need to look in the table object if it contain something or not)

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  Hi all,

  I am customizing the the way to use the returned atributes from a queryByPoint, and I would like to know how to get the name of the layer I just clicked, for use in my tables.ajax.js file.


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