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Hi Bruno

Thanks for your answer. I increased the limit in the php.ini file of the apache to 90 seconds (it was already on 60 seconds). Then I restarted the webserver. And the error, as expected because the limit was already before on 60 seconds, was the same. I've seen that there are php.ini files also for cgi and cli. I tried these files as well. It doesen't work. By the way, you meant the apache php.ini file in /etc/php5/apache, weren't you?

Might there be an other timeout handeling WMS connections? Maybe in a MapServer config file? Where could I find this config file?


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Hi Christoph,

This timeout value seems to be the php limit execution time.
Perharps you need a bigger value .
Time to acquire the layers, time to treat it, time to send the result.

In php.ini or .htaccess or in apache directive.
; Resource Limits ;

max_execution_time = 30     ; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
max_input_time = 60     ; Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data

try to change the value.

But if the webserver couldn't treat the task with that time 30s which internaut would stay behind his screen without initiate a
The trouble should be resolve at another level I think.

Lauber Christoph wrote:
> Hi list
> Printing a pdf with the pdfExport Plugin I get the following error:
> Message : Mapserver error: Error in msDrawWMSLayerLow(): WMS GetMap
> request failed for layer 'AV_KtBern' (Status -28: TIMEOUT of 30 seconds
> exceeded.).
> Error in msHTTPExecuteRequests(): HTTP: TIMEOUT of 30 seconds exceeded
> for http://....
> First I thought I can easily increase the timeout in the httpd.conf file
> of the apache webserver. But that didn't do what I expected. Either I
> did something wrong or I have to do something else.
> The layer I want to print is a WMS layer. It works fine with 72 and 150
> dpi resolution. But the 300 dpi resolution crashes.
> I there an other timeout I have to look for wms layers (WMS GetMap
> request)?
> Is it possible that the WMS server prohibits a 300 dpi picture request?
> Do you think the timeout is set by the wms server or the wms client
> (CartoWeb)?
> Any other ideas?
> Thanks for help
> Christoph Lauber
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