[Cartoweb-users] query tools with different icons

Valerio Noti valerionoti at yahoo.it
Sun Feb 4 11:01:32 EST 2007

thank you for your reply.
I think this solution is too much complicated for me.
I can modify tables.tpl in order to open a certain php file instead of 
display query results in the same map window.
My goal is to open a different php file (or the same with different 
parameters) from tables.tpl depending on a previous choice.
I thought about a gif map and an hidden input form to retry in tables.tpl 
but I haven't tried yet and maybe it's not possible.
What do you think about this? and is tables.tpl the right file to modify?


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> Hi valerio
> this is certainly possible but also delicate.
> you will need to touch php client side and server side and also some 
> javascript.
> concerning the tool itself:
> for the php, you will probably need to extend the query plugin and add new 
> tools definition to the getTools() function.
> to help you a bit, new ToolDescription(self::TOOL_QUERY_BY_BBOX, true, 41) 
> this will define a new tool, whose name will be defined by 
> self::TOOL_QUERY_BY_BBOX (you can use a string like 'mynewquerytool' , the 
> notation used here allow us to change the name without changing the code, 
> but you dont need to use it).
> The name is important as it is the identifiant for that tool which will be 
> used in the web interface and also in the javascript. The second parameter 
> say if the tool has an icon or not. This is usually true. third is the 
> weight, in other words, the place of the tool in the toolbar. There are 
> other parameters (see client/ClientPlugin.php) but you probably dont need 
> them.
> Now the javascript part. All tools action are handled by the dhtmlAPI.js, 
> dhtmlFeatures.js and dhtmlInit.js.
> This is probably the less userfriendly part of cartoweb.
> What you need to do is, in a new javascript file, copy the existing 
> properties and methodes of the existing query tool that meet the 
> beahaviour you need (for exemple query_by_bbox).
> Since the behaviour is the same, you wont have to duplicate this, 
> fortunately.
> You will have something like :
> Map.prototype.mynewquerytool = function(aDisplay) {
>  this.selectionBox(aDisplay, 'Query.Perform');
>  this.getDisplay(aDisplay).docObj.style.cursor = "help";
> };
> then include that javascript in your main template header, like the other 
> javascript files.
> Thats only for "duplicating" a query tool.
> Now, for the database switch.... I will do some wild guess as I never had 
> such problem before.
> If the database connection is set in the layers connection parameter, it 
> means :
> either you have two layers and activate one or the other depending of the 
> query tool selected,
> or you need to change the connection on-the-fly depending of the query 
> tool selected.
> I must say i dont really see how to change the layer on which the query is 
> done. Maybe with a filterPostRequest but I think the query plugin use the 
> list of activated layers before the query, obtained from the layer plugin. 
> And I wouldnt mess with that personally. Maybe someone else has a better 
> idea...
> To change a layer parameter on-the-fly, you can do that on the server 
> side, in the function handlepreDrawing with some use of mapOverlay plugin.
> This is done on the server side part of the query plugin, so you will need 
> to extend this too.
> For that, first, enable the mapOverlay plugin in the server side 
> yourproject.ini file (where the other plugins for server side are listed 
> for activation)
> below is an exemple on how to change some layer properties:
> public function handlePreDrawing($request) {
>        if (isset($this->selectid) && !empty($this->selectid)) {
>         $layer = new LayerOverlay();
>         $layer->name = "vue_recenter";
>         $layer->data = "position FROM (SELECT * FROM vue_recenter WHERE 
> filtre_id = ".$this->selectid.") as foo USING UNIQUE bien_id USING 
> SRID=-1";
>         $mapOverlay = 
> $this->serverContext->getPluginManager()->mapOverlay;
>         if ($mapOverlay == NULL) {
>            throw new CartoserverException('Plugin MapOverlay must be 
> activated!');
>         }
>         // update layer
>         $mapOverlay->updateMap($layer);
>        }
> }
> in this case we changed the DATA value from the layer vue_recenter, but 
> you can probably do the same with the CONNECTION value.
> the important part is you need to pass some parameter from client side to 
> server side to activate the change (in the "if" condition). So you need to 
> modify a bit the buildRequest() function (client side) to pass that 
> parameter (for exemple the name of the tool used) on the server side. on 
> the server side, the paramter will be in $request, which directly is 
> available in handlePreDrawing.
> This is certainly not easy but it is possible ;)
> Good luck
> Oliver
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> Subject: [Cartoweb-users] query tools with different icons
>> Hello,
>> I'd like to duplicate a query tool in cartoweb interface in order to have
>> two buttons (different icons) with query functionality but with separate 
>> tasks.
>> These separate tasks are not cartoweb-dependant (i.e. a different 
>> database to connect).
>> So perhaps my problem it how to assign two different icons to the same 
>> tool.
>> Any help appreciated
>> thanks in advance
>> Valerio
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