[Cartoweb-users] ToolTips addendum

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Feb 5 05:21:50 EST 2007

the addEventListener error is strange.
It is as if the object isnt available when IE try to use it.
I had this kind of problem a few time with IE, but not when using tooltips.
IE tries to access a property or object that hasnt been initialised yet.
The easy way to find if that is the problem is to try on an old computer ^_^. It will work there because js will be handled more slowly.

Im not even sure where the error is triggered, as its not said in your error message :(
Line 1727 seems to refer to prototype.js but as to why the error would be thrown there...

could you try to install microsoft script debugger ?
it is a very light programm that give a bit more info that the basic javascript error box when an error occure.


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  On 2/2/07, Oliver Christen <oliver.christen at camptocamp.com> wrote:

    it is a bit difficult to know what happen without a full error message. Please past all the javascript error (which should include the line and file where the error occur) 
    I suspect the pan problem is also linked to some javascript side effect linked to the first problem

  Of course you are right ;-), yet information is still scarce...

  1.: In IE7(IE6) the tool tips do not work at all. At the first load of the ToolTips enabled CW3 the IE throws this one:

  "Line 1727 Char 5
  'addEventListener.' is null or not an object"

  After first move of the mouse over the feature it goes on with 

  "Line 141 Char 13
  'AjaxPlugins.ToolTips._result' is null or not an object"
  This may be repeated a couple of times...

  and somewhere inbetween

  "Line 220 Char 9
  'this._result' is null or not an object"

  The  Cartoweb JSdebugger or the  Firefox error console do NOT show this errors at all!!!

  2. The pan problem might not be related directly to the upper one, but certainly is to using ToolTips. The Pan behaves the same (two tries to work) in all major browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera) . The first "grab" does not move the map, the second does. This only applies to projects with ToolTips enabled, without it is just fine.



          At the first load of the cartoweb IE7 throws:


          Afterwards the famous "IE debugger" complains about:


          and later, obviously related:



          Thanks for any help in advance,



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