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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Feb 5 06:32:32 EST 2007

this seems to be triggered by one of the Event.observe(..) in the ToolTips.ajax.js
i cant say which one as I dont have that error here.
Could you add a few alert() in your ToolTips.ajax.js to see which one of the Event.observe(..)  trigger the error ?

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  On 2/5/07, Oliver Christen <oliver.christen at camptocamp.com> wrote:
    the addEventListener error is strange.
    It is as if the object isnt available when IE try to use it.
    I had this kind of problem a few time with IE, but not when using tooltips.
    IE tries to access a property or object that hasnt been initialised yet.
    The easy way to find if that is the problem is to try on an old computer ^_^. It will work there because js will be handled more slowly.

    _observeAndCache: function(element, name, observer, useCapture) {
      if (!this.observers) this.observers = [];
      if (element.addEventListener) { ((((THE SCRIPT STOPS HERE)))) 
        this.observers.push([element, name, observer, useCapture]);
        element.addEventListener(name, observer, useCapture);
      } else if (element.attachEvent) {
        this.observers.push([element, name, observer, useCapture]);
        element.attachEvent('on' + name, observer);
  Yes, it is prototype.js, see up where the debugger complains

    Im not even sure where the error is triggered, as its not said in your error message :(
    Line 1727 seems to refer to prototype.js but as to why the error would be thrown there...


  The other two are from the ToolTipsAjax.js: 

  line 140
   mouseMove: function() {
          if (AjaxPlugins.ToolTips.isAjaxActive()) {
              clearTimeout( AjaxPlugins.ToolTips._timerMouseMove);
              AjaxPlugins.ToolTips._timerMouseMove = setTimeout(
              AjaxPlugins.ToolTips._result.hide(); (STOPS HERE)

  and 219 (220)

    sendRequest: function(argObject) {
          this._result.reset();  (STOPS HERE) 

          var url = this.serviceUrl + '&' + this.buildQueryString(argObject);
          Logger.send('Request sent with url :' + url);
          this._ajaxRequest = new Ajax.Request (
              {method: 'get', onComplete: showResponse, onFailure: reportError}

  Thank you for going this through,



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