[Cartoweb-users] Hilight plugin always yellow?

Brendan Walashek at GolfingVancouver.com brendwal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 19:19:34 EST 2007

I can't seem to configure the hilight tool.  I want the polygon selected to
NOT be yellow - in fact I want it to be 100% transparent, as I am basically
querying layers that are 100% transparent as well.  So I don't want it to be
hilghted when selected.  Just return the query results.  I have it returning
the query results, but it hilghts the polygon in yellow - no matter where
and even try to change the RGB value to something else, it's always YELLOW!
I have tried the following methods with no success:

In the mapserver myproject.map file:

  "hilight_createlayer" "true"
  "hilight_transparency" "0"
  "hilight_color" "0 0 255"
  "query_returned_attributes" "Product"

Also tried in the myproject.ini file:

mapInfo.loadPlugins = outline, hilight, exportPdf, mapOverlay
mapInfo.loadPlugins = outline, exportPdf, mapOverlay

Makes NO difference whether I enable the Hilight plugin or not?!?

In the query.ini file in client_conf folder:
defaultHilight = false
defaultHilight = true
-no difference.

and the query.ini in the server_conf directory:
drawQueryUsingHilight = false
drawQueryUsingHilight = true

How do I make it 100% transparent or a different color other than
Is this a bug?!?!?
Thanks for any help!

*Brendan Walashek
GIS / 3D Mapping / Custom Applications*

McElhanney Consulting Services
Vancouver Office
(604) 683-8521 ext.278
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