[Cartoweb-users] changing scales do not update list of editablelayers in EDIT folder (edit plugin)

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Jul 5 02:48:59 EDT 2007

Hi Igor

maybe its a bug

it sould be intersting to know whats happening in ClientEdit.php, function 
renderForm, near the line
$layer->disabled = 
maybe adding something like this

print $layer->id;
if ($layersCorePlugin->isLayerVisibleAtCurrentScale($layer->id)) {
 print ' visible'
} else {
    print ' not visible';
and see if the result is coherent with the interface after a scale change.


> Hi, List!
> I have 2 editable layers - first is visible from 0 to 50000000 scale, 
> second - from 0 to 100000.
> When I do edition in first layer (selected in "Choose layer" list in  EDIT 
> folder),
> at scale about 1000000 then change scale to 100000 - the second layer  in 
> list is still grayed,
> i.e. not selectable. Only when I press "Validate" it becomes selectable.
> How to update the state of EDIT folder when changing scales on map?
> Best regards, Igor.
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