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Simon ORTET simon.ortet at silogic.fr
Mon Jul 23 09:59:09 EDT 2007

Thanks for your help.
I managed to deal with the fullextent.
Concerning mapsizes, it's tricky and here's what i've done:

I modified the handleResponse from Images.ajax.js to update the DOM.
I catch no error but this script is not working. The image map is at 
requested size (so no problem in server side) but there's something i 
don't understand: in the updateDomElement function, instead of 
'style.width' the value of property parameter is 'undoClipping'.
I can't figure out why. I pass a string 'style.width' and i receive 
'undoClipping'. But there are no instruction between the call of  
updateDomElement and it's first line (i tested in step mode with Firebug).
I didn't find anything on Google neither

Here is what i added in the handleResponse method
        // Updates mapsize elements
        var mw = pluginOutput.variables.mainmap_width;
        var mh = pluginOutput.variables.mainmap_height;
'+mw+'px, '+mh+'px, 0pt)');
'+mw+'px, '+mh+'px, 0px)');
'+mw+'px, '+mh+'px, 0px)');
'+mw+'px, '+mh+'px, 0px)');


Simon Ortet

Oliver Christen a écrit :
> The problem is some event are not handled in the same way, so simply 
> faking a post via ajax will not effectively trigger the event.
> And also Im not even talking about the returned value(s) which are not 
> formated in the same way.
> For the fullextent, this was already discussed :
> http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/cartoweb-users/2007-February/002058.html 
> http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/cartoweb-users/2007-April/002402.html
> For mapsize, the idea is the same, but a bit more complicated, as 
> there are more element in the template that must be updated.
> The mapsize change is intercepted in the "images" coreplugin. What you 
> should do is :
> - change the mapsize template so the change trigger an ajax action 
> (look at other template for example),
> - add new functions in images.ajax.js to update the corresponding 
> elements in the page with the new values. Simply look in the templates 
> files (cartoclient.tpl and maybe others) where the variables returned 
> by the images coreplugin (you can see these in function 
> renderFormPrepare) are used and do the same but with javascript.
> I dont think you need to modify the ClientImages.php, as it already 
> contain the corresponding ajax related functions.
> regards
> Oliver
>> Hi
>> Thank for your answer. The functionnalities i need in ajax are 
>> fullExtent and mapSize.
>> Well by now i'm trying to implement it on the full extent function. 
>> Maybe you could tell me wether i took a wrong path.
>> On the doSubmit function, instead of the myform.submit(); i do a 
>> x_submitForm(); wich looks like this:
>> /function x_submitForm(){
>>  xShow(xGetElementById('loadbarDiv'));
>>  var param = AjaxHandler.buildPostRequest();
>>  var laRequete = new Ajax.Request('/cw/htdocs/x_aeag.php', {method: 
>> 'post',parameters: param,onComplete: afficherReponse} );
>> }
>> /The file x_aeag.php looks like this:
>> /<?php
>> $_ENV['CW3_PROJECT'] = 'aeag';
>> require_once('client.php');
>> header('Content-Type: text/xml');
>> ?>/
>> And then i modified the cartoclient.tpl so it produces an xml stream:
>> /<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>/
>> /<reponse>
>>    <bbox>{$bboxMinX},{$bboxMinY},{$bboxMaxX},{$bboxMaxY}</bbox>
>>    <factor>{$factor}</factor>
>>    <mapunits>{$mapUnits}</mapunits> 
>> <scalebarUnits>{$scalebarUnits}</scalebarUnits>
>>    <currentScale>1:{$currentScale}</currentScale>
>>    <mainmap_path>{$mainmap_path}</mainmap_path>
>>    <mainmap_width>{$mainmap_width}</mainmap_width>
>>    <mainmap_height>{$mainmap_height}</mainmap_height>
>>    <scalebar_path>{$scalebar_path}</scalebar_path>
>>    <keymap_path>{$keymap_path}</keymap_path>
>> </reponse>/
>> Now my problem is that cartoweb doesn't produce the full extent map 
>> image. A new image is yet generated but with still the same extent. I 
>> can't find why...
>> regards
>> Simon Ortet
>> Oliver Christen a écrit :
>>> Hi
>>> Some plugins and maybe some core functionnalities are not compatible 
>>> with ajax.
>>> Simply changing the doSubmit function to only return xmlhttprequest 
>>> (ajax) is probably not a good idea as it will break in the cases 
>>> said above.
>>> I would suggest to first identify precisely which functionnalities 
>>> you use are still using non-ajax mode and then see how to modify 
>>> these functionnalities so they work with ajax (if possible)
>>> regards
>>> Oliver
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm trying to set Cartoweb as a full Ajax application. So i try to 
>>>> change the doSubmit function of dhtmlInit.js to make it send the 
>>>> form through an ajax function.
>>>> I'd like to know if someone as already done this work, and if 
>>>> possible to post the code in the list.
>>>> Thanks
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