[Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb 3.4 and new plugins

Simon ORTET simon.ortet at silogic.fr
Tue Jul 31 09:09:15 EDT 2007

Hi list,

I installed Cartoweb 3.4 RC1 and the install process went ok.
So i tried to modify a demo application to load new plugins and i can't 
make them work.


    I added 'bboxHistory' to LoadPugins line in my client.ini and
    {$bboxHistoryForm} to my cartoclient.tpl but i've got error at
    project loading:

    message:   Error [8, Trying to get property of non-object, D:\Program Files\cartoweb-withdemo-3.4.0-RC1\cartoweb3\plugins\bboxHistory\client\ClientBboxHistory.php, 186]


WmsBrowserLight and ogcLayerLoader

    I added mapOverlay, ogcLayerLoader, wmsBrowserLight in both
    client.ini and 'mapid'.ini
    I copied ogcLayerLoader.ini and wmsBrowserLight.ini in client_conf
    and ogcLayerLoader.ini in server_conf
    but nothing happens: no errors but no new tabs or tools. Did i
    forgot something to enable plugins loading?


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