[Cartoweb-users] Cartoweb 3.4 and new plugins

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Jul 31 09:58:38 EDT 2007

thank you for testing

I cant seem to be able to reproduce the error with bboxhistory.
can you try to replace line 186 in ClientBboxHistory.php
if (count($this->state->history) > 0) {
if (isset($this->state->history) && count($this->state->history) > 0) {
and tell me if this solve the problem

by the way, the bboxhistory only work with ajax, so you need to enable ajax in your project.

about the wmslayerlight, try to replace the $wmsBrowser template variable by $wmsBrowserLight, there should be at least 3 occurences in the default cartoclient.tpl.
this is effectively an error and it will be corrected,
thank you.


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  Hi list,

  I installed Cartoweb 3.4 RC1 and the install process went ok.
  So i tried to modify a demo application to load new plugins and i can't make them work.


    I added 'bboxHistory' to LoadPugins line in my client.ini and {$bboxHistoryForm} to my cartoclient.tpl but i've got error at project loading:

message:   Error [8, Trying to get property of non-object, D:\Program Files\cartoweb-withdemo-3.4.0-RC1\cartoweb3\plugins\bboxHistory\client\ClientBboxHistory.php, 186]

  WmsBrowserLight and ogcLayerLoader

    I added mapOverlay, ogcLayerLoader, wmsBrowserLight in both client.ini and 'mapid'.ini 
    I copied ogcLayerLoader.ini and wmsBrowserLight.ini in client_conf and ogcLayerLoader.ini in server_conf
    but nothing happens: no errors but no new tabs or tools. Did i forgot something to enable plugins loading?



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