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Milo van der Linden mlinden at zeelandnet.nl
Tue Jul 31 11:18:53 EDT 2007

Hello list,

I am looking for the following solution:

- I want to add functionality in my project that does the following:
 - creates auth-like functionality on the map-page instead of jumping
back to a login form
- If a user is not logged in; only shows a demo set from my postGIS
database (DATA the_geom (select * from my table where id=9999)
- a custom plugin that gets several projectID's from a database
- these id's need to be in a dropdown.  When the dropdown changes state;
a mapoverlay has to be created for my postGIS table changing the
statement to:
(DATA the_geom (select * from my table where id=1)
thus showing a project the user is authorized for.

Is this possible and are there any pittfals I need to look after?
Documentation for the MapOverlay for instance is not to clear, I cannot
get it to work from what I am reading there.



Milo van der Linden
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