[Cartoweb-users] Shapefile size and speed DB or native?

Brendan Walashek brendwal at gmail.com
Wed May 2 18:15:55 EDT 2007

I have a 1 GB shapefile (yes, 1 GB!), as it is the footprints for ALL the
IKONOS satellite imagery for the entire world.  Other than breaking up the
file, using the native shapefile in Cartoweb and querying it would probably
take a LONG time.  Is storing this file in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS Spatial
database any faster?  I understand you can index the file in the database
version to speed up searches etc., but is this file just way too big to
begin with no matter which method I use?

Anyone have experience with working with a shapefile this big and trying to
access it over Cartoweb?  Or the speed difference using a spatial DB?

Brendan Walashek
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