[Cartoweb-users] Re : Problem with Recentering on search results

Véro Herzl - Bluewin veroh at bluewin.ch
Thu May 3 01:45:33 EDT 2007


Yep, I think I know what is wrong. Try by putting
$('id_recenter_ids').value = id; //id to recenter
//$('recenter_scale').value = 2000;//scale for recentering
//$('recenter_doit').value = '0'; LINE TO CHANGE !!!!!

If I remember right I told it already to camptocamp so they can change 
the documentation but unfortunately, it is not already done.

By the way, if ever you succeded in implementing the search plugin with 
two columns of the same table or two columns of two different tables, 
and if it is possible for you, I would kindly receive any information on 
how to do it work as the documentation does not seem to help me on that 



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