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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu May 3 08:08:26 EDT 2007


there are no file that contain all the roads of all the country in the 
the roads.shp Chris Tweedie used in his example only contains the roads he 
needed for his project.

there are a few free data set of roads, like the Tiger for the USA
have a look at http://data.geocomm.com/catalog/index.html maybe they have 
some for your area (you must register to be able to get any files, 
registration is free, some files may be not free) Read the text on that page

if you can find some data for your country, you can try to import them into 
postgis. maybe you will need to modify them, as they may not be usable 
if there are no free data, you may eventually contact the universities in 
your country, maybe they have some data that is not available directly on 
the web
otherwise, you will have to pay.


> Hi Lists!
> At this link: 
> http://chris.narx.net/2005/12/14/build-your-own-routing-solution/
> There are talks about roads.shp (required at step number 7.)which I did 
> n't
> find when I downloaded the
> pgdijkstra.
> Any one knows where to find on the net so that I can
> Best regards,
> Andreas Mtota
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