[Cartoweb-users] Help: search plugin

MUTOTA s9911197 at students.polytechnic.edu.na
Mon May 7 03:40:15 EDT 2007

Hi Lists!

I hope more about searching confingurations in catroweb3.

I have been struggling to configure the search.ini.
have read the the online docs at: 

I believe I did not skip anything,loaded it in both client and server sides-
yet the loading of the search.ini plugin is being complained.

I am getting this error:

An exception in early stage occured:

   'msg' => 'Couldn\'t load plugin ClientSearch',
   'message' => 'Couldn\'t load plugin ClientSearch

file: 650 - C:\\wamp\\www\\cartoweb3\\client\\Cartoclient.php
call: PluginManager->loadPlugins(Array(11), Object(Cartoclient))

file: 391 - C:\\wamp\\www\\cartoweb3\\client\\Cartoclient.php
call: Cartoclient->initializePlugins()

file: 36 - C:\\wamp\\www\\cartoweb3\\htdocs\\client.php
call: Cartoclient->__construct()

file: 3 - C:\\wamp\\www\\cartoweb3\\htdocs\\Trumpet.php
call: require_once("C:\\wamp\\www\\cartoweb3\\htdocs\\client.php")
Fatal error:  Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in
C:\wamp\www\cartoweb3\client\Cartoclient.php on line 419

Additionaal the online docs, is there may be something supposed to be done may 
forgotten to mantioned in the docs?

At this point :

24.3.1. Basic Mechanism and Setup
 which is one the correct directory? 

First we have to set the table in the client_conf/client.ini/search.ini like this:

First we have to set the table in the client_conf/search.ini like this:

Best regards,
Andreas Mtota

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