[Cartoweb-users] Help :convert cartroweb 3.3.0 to cvs version

MUTOTA s9911197 at students.polytechnic.edu.na
Tue May 8 03:03:49 EDT 2007

Hi to All!

I am trying to configure searching in cartoweb3.3.0. It won't work apperently.
I managed to download n' installed TortoiseCVS-1.8.31.exe. hope it will work out.

Anybody ever done the searching using cvs version?

1. How did you do the conversion?
2. Did you use the same cvs? (TortoiseCVS-1.8.31.exe)
3. What are the proceedures to convert cartweb to cvs version?

Your help is advance appreciated,

Best regards,
Andreas Mtota

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