[Cartoweb-users] Measure Tool

Thomas Shaw Obregon tshaw at ubicalo.com.mx
Mon Oct 1 20:06:29 EDT 2007

Hello there!


I have some trouble using the measure tool. When I just downloaded it, it
worked well because the map projection of the demo stuff is meters. The
thing here is that all my maps are in geographic coordinates system (lat,
lon) wgs84. So when I customized the .map file with my data, and I tried to
measure some distances, it showed me an incorrect result. For example if I
measure an approximate distance of 800 km., the dhtml prints 0.05 km. 


So what can I do, in order to adjust the calculation between two points in a
geographic coordinate data and finally get the correct distance in KM.


Thank you in advance.


Thomas Shaw

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