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Date: Oct 2, 2007 1:48 PM
Subject: problem on production server
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hi there...i'm newbie of cartowebber...i have done great cartoweb
application on my localhost....but the problem is....i didnt make on my
production server....i have research all the time about this problem but
until now...i still didnt make it....the real problem is...i really didnt
know how to upload and what i need to upload from my localhost to my
production server....can u all help of this....show me the simple way and
detail of every which i need to do to upload cartoweb and my project (what i
need to change or etc).....actually i'm not clear at all besides of
documentation either from cartoweb-users archieve....for your information
i'm using cartoweb 3.3 with wamp 1.6.4 as my localhost....using
gisalaska.com by Micro Resource http://mrcc.com geospatial hosting as my
production server....
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