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giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Wed Oct 24 08:26:13 EDT 2007

Hi Oliver,
my goal consists on replicating the tabs structure (where there are the
plugin interfaces)
under the main map. I've tryed a simplified chunch of code, I posted a part
of it below.
In my new tabs I want to plug four complex form for new features. Now there
is a mask form which could be enabled according to user's need but I want to
improuve this solution. 
Now a mask is distributed in a .tpl a .css and a .js files which lets the
user to have on-line interaction with the database (without ajax) and it is
recalled by the main tpl of the project.
The tpl code is in the same dir of the main, while css and js are in the
right dirs, and it works fine.
Becouse of lack of space I want to use four tabs where there are my masks. 
I've substituted the line which recall the mask by the code which creates
the tab, and in the tab I've tryed to recall the mask. In a first attemp
I've used static html files and .tpl , I've put the files in the same dir of
the main tpl, but as I wrote nothing is visible in the tabs but the browser
page which says that the page has not been found.
What kind of advice can you give me ?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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	Data: 23/10/07 11:30
> Hi,
> Im not really sure to understand what you want to do.
> do you want to *include* some content in your main page or
> do you want to *link* to some files in your project (as your <path?> below

> may suggest)
> if you want to include *static* content, simply put the files in the same 
> folder as your project's cartoclient.tpl
> and include the content with:
> {include file='yourfilename.html'}
> where you want the content to appear
> if you want to create a link to some html files,
> you must place your page_x.html in the htdocs folder in your project
> the path is set by using the parameter type with an value (two
> <a href="{r type=''}test.html{/r}">test</a>
> regards
> Oliver
> > Hi All,
> > I'm trying to add a new set of tab (read folder) under the main map like

> > the
> > folder in the leftbar.
> > I've added the js code and the css. When I recompile the project I can
> > the folders and I can click on them but they are empty:
> > the pages are not displayed, all the pages are in the same directory. I
> > think that the path is wrong, but I've set the absolute path, the http 
> > path
> > but nothing . Now If this piece of code is a tpl file which is loaded by

> > the
> > main map and it is in the templates directory of the project, and if all

> > the
> > pages are in the same directory, which is the path I 've to use ?
> >
> >
> > <div class="tabBox" style="clear:both;">
> >  <div class="tabArea">
> >    <a class="tab" href="page_1.html" target="tabIframe2">page_1</a>
> >    <a class="tab" href="page_2.html" target="tabIframe2">page_2</a>
> >    <a class="tab" href="page_3.html" target="tabIframe2">page_3</a>
> >    <a class="tab" href="<path?>page_4.html"
> >    <a class="tab" href="page_5.html" target="tabIframe2">page_5</a>
> >  </div>
> >  <div class="tabMain">
> >    <h4 id="title">Top Picks</h4>
> >    <div class="tabIframeWrapper"><iframe class="tabContent"
> > name="tabIframe2" src="page_1.html" marginheight="8" marginwidth="8"
> > frameborder="0"></iframe></div>
> >  </div>
> > </div>
> >
> > THanks in advance and best regards
> >
> > Giu
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