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I am working on distributing GIS attribute information (and some other non-spatial data) to a simple business intellegence/reporting dashboard.  The dashboard which will also include a transactional Cartoweb-Mapserver WMS/WFS for data entry into the underlying data bases.  Viewable by very non-technical people.

I would like to ask if anyone has explored outputting (or automatically updating) GIS layers from Postgis to  mapserver or cartoweb WFS clients using RSS feeds?  Is this practicable/more simple/or a nightmare?? It seems like it would be useful for routine data updates where there are many data stores to manage. 

Also, would like to find more documentation about Cartoweb methods for connecting to Mapserver -- particularly how to decide whether and when Cartoweb/clients should request data layers directly from data sources then send to Mapserver, versus connecting Mapserver directly to Postgres/postgis or native formats. I am unsure how this should be organized. (The goal here is field-based browser based data editing ( ie create a new point in an existing layer, populate with attribute data- update the master database.  I get the transactional side from the user, just don't understand when should I connect directly versus sending request through Mapserver. 

thanks much,

Glenn Brooks

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