[Cartoweb-users] RSS feeds and Cartoweb-mapserver data requests

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Sep 13 03:31:23 EDT 2007


im not sure I understand correctly what you want, so maybe my answer will be 
totaly off.

you want to interact with cartoweb via rss feed ?

"outputing" I may understand and that can probably be done easily via a 
dedicated plugin, but "automatically updating" ?
you would have to make separate script, webservice-like, to handle the 
stream and do the appropriate "update", maybe

but I have the feeling what you want to do is already done by the plugin 
"edit" actually available in CW, or am I missing somthing?


> HI,
> I am working on distributing GIS attribute information (and some other 
> non-spatial data) to a simple business intellegence/reporting dashboard. 
> The dashboard which will also include a transactional Cartoweb-Mapserver 
> WMS/WFS for data entry into the underlying data bases.  Viewable by very 
> non-technical people.
> I would like to ask if anyone has explored outputting (or automatically 
> updating) GIS layers from Postgis to  mapserver or cartoweb WFS clients 
> using RSS feeds?  Is this practicable/more simple/or a nightmare?? It 
> seems like it would be useful for routine data updates where there are 
> many data stores to manage.
> Also, would like to find more documentation about Cartoweb methods for 
> connecting to Mapserver -- particularly how to decide whether and when 
> Cartoweb/clients should request data layers directly from data sources 
> then send to Mapserver, versus connecting Mapserver directly to 
> Postgres/postgis or native formats. I am unsure how this should be 
> organized. (The goal here is field-based browser based data editing ( ie 
> create a new point in an existing layer, populate with attribute data- 
> update the master database.  I get the transactional side from the user, 
> just don't understand when should I connect directly versus sending 
> request through Mapserver.
> thanks much,
> Glenn Brooks


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