[Cartoweb-users] virtuale scale and real scale

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Wed Sep 12 03:42:31 EDT 2007

I've activated the image of the scale under the main map. The number are
expressed in meters,
when I zoom or change on the map, the number by the scale change according
to new settings.
The lenght of the scale in pixel is always the same,  
Now I've a problem: I'd like to know how I can normalize the scale to
integer unit ie: 10
m(meters) 100 meters and so on: it is precise as measure, but it has not a
normalized lenght.

Onother problem that I have pointed, consists on if I set the scale to 1000
I should have the relation: 1 mm -> 1 meter but if I use a line on the
printing I get, there is not that relation but there is a liner factor
0.78) that I have to use in order to have the right phisical measurement. I
get the print by recalling the png generated image.
The convertion factor is a function of the size of the map.
This is for me a great target becouse I'd like to use the map I print as a
measurement tool.
Thanks to everybody can explain me the item.

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