[Cartoweb-users] no map image refresh in IIS and php 5.2.x

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Sep 13 02:46:42 EDT 2007


first you should find out if the problem is with IIS or your browser, so simply use Firefox and you will directly see if it works or not.
if it works, then something is fuckedup with your IE7, maybe some security setting preventing the XMLHttpRequest to opperate correctly.
if it doesnt work, then the problem is on IIS side.
you say the map is generated correctly so the XMLHttpRequest is received correctly and the request processed. Now it should be interesting to know if IIS correctly send back a signal with the new page content or not. Maybe try using some http traffic sniffer software to see whats going on between your browser and IIS.

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  Hello list!

  I am now using cartoweb3 in conjunction with php 5.2.x and IIS 5.0 on windows, yeah, it sounds tricky, but it is mainly a test and so far things are looking good!


  When I zoom or pan the map in my cartoweb, I can tell from the jsTrace debugger console that the request is issued, I can see in my generated directory that a mapimage is created, but in the browser window the map does not refresh. When I give the window a HARD refresh (F5) the mapwindow is updated.

  - Can it be that IIS 5.0 is not AJAX aware and therefor doesn't update the map?
  - Can it be that my Internet Explorer 6.0 cannot work with AJAX?

  I am sure I will run into more problems regarding php 5.2, but hey, it is well worth trying isn't it?




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