[Cartoweb-users] auto include, how does it work?

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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sadely no, 
there is not auto-include script implemented in CW, 
all files in the cartoweb3/common folder are manually included, usualy by using require_once command, 
UNLESS for plugin and only if the file is named by the plugin name! but in that case it is only available at the corresponding plugin level.

so you will need to include the file manualy where you need it

you can get the project name by using:
$projectHandler = $this->getCartoclient()->getProjectHandler();
$project = $projectHandler->getProjectName();
$path = CARTOWEB_HOME . '/projects/' . $project . '/common/';


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  I want to know if I put an include file in the  common directory of my project that should be used by several parts of the GUI, will it be auto loaded by all components of my project?.
  Setting the include as CARTOWEB_HOME . "/projects/webGIS/common/' looks a bit odd..
  Any suggestion? 

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