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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Sep 13 04:14:13 EDT 2007


what you can easily do is to put your formular in a div element with css 
property display=none.
when you want to use it, simply change its css property using javascript to 
display=block (be sure it has the correct css position property) and hid the 
map container element by setting its cssproperty to display=none

and the opposite when selecting another plugin

this will be much more easier than trying to use the internal interruptFlow 
command to display a special template, which is a bit complex to use.


> Hi all,
> I'd like to write a plugin of data input which lets me to update the
> database, and/or perform some perl srcipt when I have to start-up a new
> project. Now I'd like to switch the main map off and I'd like to use the
> space,in the page of browser I get, to write a complex form of input.
> How can I shut down the main map and the reference map when I click on 
> this
> such an administrative folder ? my last target consists on closing the
> circle, that is inserting, quering and checking the database via cartoweb,
> so I can simplfy some procedures.
> Is there anything already done ?
> thanks for your kind info.
> Giu
> Ps: sorry if you have received this email twice,but  I don't know if you
> have received the first becouse I've not yet received the receipt of the
> first one
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