[Cartoweb-users] security for a new plugin

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Sun Sep 30 08:05:32 EDT 2007

Hi all,
I'm trying to get a plugin available only for a set of users.

Performed operations:
a) updating the file auth.ini
  1) creation of a new user and password
  2)  association new user - new role

b) updating the file  myplugin.ini in server directory
    adding the new role

c) changing the cartoclient.tpl :
<!-- folder 9 starts here -->
    <div id="folder9" class="folder" style="height:550px;">
      <br />    
        {if $myplugin|default:''}
            {t}User not allowed{/t},
            {if $auth_active|default:''}
             {t}please{/t} {$auth}.

d) inserting in myplugin.php the code I see in exportPdf.php:
        $insertRoles = $this->getArrayFromIni('general.allowedRoles');
        if (!SecurityManager::getInstance()->hasRole($insertRoles))
            return '';
I've added the code in : drawUserForm(), handleHttpGetRequest($request) and

e) I though this was enoght but the code needs other two functions:
getArrayFromList(), and getArrayFromIni()
I've added them but I saw that the instruction  $this->getConfig()->$name;
does not return nothing.

The result is that the plugin is not accessible by all users (allowed or

I think the file myplug.ini has not been red.
Please, can anyone suggest me some piece of info about ?

Thanks in advance and best regards.


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