[Cartoweb-users] Setting up a project.

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Aug 18 02:18:39 EDT 2008


the error you are getting is most likely a mapfile problem, probably the reference to the keymap image is wrong, check the path to the file and eventualy if the file is not broken or something like that.


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  Hello to everyone!

  I am a new user of cartoweb and i want to setup a very simple project following the directions i found here (http://www.cartoweb.org/cwiki/HowToCreateANewProject)
  in order to get familiar with it.
  I managed to setup the project based on the files of the example but then i tried with another mapfile
  and could not get any result.

  The steps i followed to setup the new project are:

  1) Create a folder 'mytest' in cartoweb3/projects
  2)Place folders client_conf and server_conf in  cartoweb3/projects/mytest
  3)Create a file mytest.php in cartoweb3/htdocs  which contains :
          $_ENV['CW3_PROJECT'] = 'mytest';

  4)I have checked that mytest.map (my new mapfile and not the one from the example!)and mytest.ini are in cartoweb3/projects/mytest/server_conf/mytest
  5)I have edited the layers.ini and define the layers of the mapfile i want to render.

  6)Finaly i run in command prompt the following instruction:

      <PHP-Interpreter> cw3setup.php --install --base-url http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs/ --profile development --project mytest

  All action then are performed without getting any warning or error!

  But when i choose mytest project from the drop down menu  in http://localhost/cartoweb3/htdocs/client.php
  i get the following error!

  Fatal error: [MapServer Error]: msImageLoadGD(): ((null)) in C:\ms4w\apps\cartoweb3\coreplugins\images\server\ServerImages.php on line 290

  Can anybody figure out where the error might be? 

  Thank you in advance!!!
  Nikos Papadakis.


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