[Cartoweb-users] wmsBrowserlight plugin when AJAX is not active but Locate plugin

victor valencia vhva1976 at yahoo.es
Tue Aug 26 13:37:00 EDT 2008



I am trying
to include wmsBrowserlight plugin in my project. When  AJAX is active it works fine, but when AJAX is
not active wmsBrowserlight plugin doesn´t work. Reviewing demoPlugins project I
found in this demo AJAX is not active but wmsBrowserlight plugin works fine. After
turn off all plugins I realized that the activation of Locate plugin allows wmsBrowserlight
works properly. I wonder the reason of this behavior. I don’t want to active
AJAX in my project and I didn´t think to use Locate plugin, but after this I
think I have to. Am I in the right way or am I doing anything wrong when
activating wmsBrowserlight plugin?  
Víctor Valencia

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