[Cartoweb-users] iso-8859-2

Bruno Friedmann bruno at ioda-net.ch
Mon Jun 16 01:13:49 EDT 2008

Hi Wochter,
We use exportPdf, exportCSV and we don't see any error with them apart the fact that if you use excel with csv,
you need to import and not open the file. But this is a Excel error not a carto one.

Could you tell me more about what type of trouble you get ? I would be happy to check if we get the same here.


WochteR wrote:
> Yes, it is the way.
> But still there are troubles with utf8 and exportPdf plugin.
> wochter
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>> Predmet: Re: [Cartoweb-users] iso-8859-2
>> Dátum: 15.6.2008 13:20:55
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>> Dzilberte Bekode wrote:
>>> Hi 
>>> I'm trying to implement Slovak language to my project.
>>> Thats mean to use  ISO-8859-2 series instead of ISO-8859-1.
>>> But change this is not enough.
>>> Have somebody already implemented  ISO-8859-2 series  ????
>>>  Thanks for suggestions.
>> My suggestion would be : if you can, why do not use UTF-8 instead.
>> You certainly get a more stable result and some kind of universality.


     Bruno Friedmann

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