[Cartoweb-users] transform displayed mouse coord

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Thu Jun 19 02:50:44 EDT 2008

there is no easy way to enable non-metric coordinates in the interface, the 
dhtml was sadely never designed for that.
though it is possible by overriding some files, I know it was done once for 
a project, I will have a look and let you know what I can find.


> Sorry if I've overlooked some existing documentation or discussion on this 
> topic, but I've just spent several hours googling Cartoweb and Mapserver 
> resources and have learned lots of things but no answer to this question:
> Is it possible -- "out of the box", or with some plugin or not-too-crazy 
> coding -- to convert the mouse location display from the native 
> projection/coordinate system of the map data into another system?
> Specifically, I have a project with all of the data in Massachusetts State 
> Plane (GRS 80, Lambert Conformal Conic, etc), so the real-time display as 
> the user mouses over the map are in Eastings and Northings (meters). This 
> will mean nothing to the typical user, so I'd like to convert those 
> numbers on-the-fly to latitude and longitude. Any hope?
> Related idea would be to let the user enter lat, lon in the recenter boxes 
> and convert them to the appropriate native map projection to recenter the 
> map...
> Thanks for any info, tips, advice, or sympathy!
> Chris
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