[Cartoweb-users] transform displayed mouse coord

Chris Duncan, GISmatters duncan at gismatters.com
Wed Jun 18 23:04:47 EDT 2008

Sorry if I've overlooked some existing documentation or discussion on 
this topic, but I've just spent several hours googling Cartoweb and 
Mapserver resources and have learned lots of things but no answer to 
this question:

Is it possible -- "out of the box", or with some plugin or 
not-too-crazy coding -- to convert the mouse location display from the 
native projection/coordinate system of the map data into another system?

Specifically, I have a project with all of the data in Massachusetts 
State Plane (GRS 80, Lambert Conformal Conic, etc), so the real-time 
display as the user mouses over the map are in Eastings and Northings 
(meters). This will mean nothing to the typical user, so I'd like to 
convert those numbers on-the-fly to latitude and longitude. Any hope?

Related idea would be to let the user enter lat, lon in the recenter 
boxes and convert them to the appropriate native map projection to 
recenter the map...

Thanks for any info, tips, advice, or sympathy!



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